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Sister My Sister

Hey everybody-
New here!

I've always admired Joely Richardson, she's one of those actresses that takes chances.

Anyway, I just finished watching Sister My Sister and I am unbelievably disturbed by it, but in a good way, haha-
It's amazing, especially when you've known of the actual story for a while and studied it.

I was wondering if anyone here had any interviews or anything of the sort, where Joely talks about the movie; her experience with the cast, the filmming, the actual story, her reaction to it all.

Would really like to know her reaction!

Thanks everybody!

(If you havent seen the movie, do so...and be prepared!)
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Concerning Season 4

I have just finished watching the Season 3 DVDs, so please don't ruin anything! I definitely want to start watching Season 5 on a weekly basis come this fall, buuuut...what about Season 4? I have heard rumors of the Season 4 DVD release coming this summer -- true or not? Also, will the season be replayed on Fox? [I'm in the United States.] Let me know if you find out any information about Season 4 reruns or DVD releases! Thanks in advance.

Joely says she fears another marriage.....

Joely Richardson admits she has turned down a number of marriage proposals - because she's too scared to tie the knot again after her painful divorce. The stunning 'Nip/Tuck' actress says she would rather have a baby with a lover than walk down the aisle with him. Richardson - who has a teenage daughter from her marriage to 'Bridget Jones' producer Tim Bevan - insists she has no desire to wed following their divorce nine years ago.

The 41-year-old told You magazine: "I haven't wanted to get married again. I just haven't been ready for it - maybe once is enough.

"Whenever the subject has come up, I find myself moving away from it. I would think more easily about having a child than marrying again."

Meanwhile, Richardson was delighted to be asked to play the lover of 1930s British monarch Edward VIII - because it was the first time she didn't have to pad her bra for a role. Small-breasted Richardson plays Wallis Simpson in forthcoming TV movie 'Wallis and Edward' and was amazed that she had to lose weight for the part.

She said: "Thank God she was flat-chested. It's the first time in my life that the producer was not asking me to wear a padded bra.

"I had to slim down as Wallis was known to be very thin."

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Hello. I know this is pretty random, but I'm at a loss. I'm trying to find pictures of Joely's hairstyles from Nip/Tuck. Specifically, when she had it cut shoulder-length or a little longer, and it was sort of flipped out on the ends, if that makes any sense... I remember seeing it on the show and thinking I wanted to try getting my hair cut like that, and now I can't find a picture of that style. :( And I don't have access to DVDs of the show right now.

I've Googled and googled and googled every combination of words I can think of, but can't find a picture of that hairstyle... if anyone knows what I'm talking about and where to find a picture, I'd greatly appreciate it. Sorry, I know it's an obscure, random request. ;) Thanks!